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Welcome to METAXY

Official Metaxy Whitepaper - last updated December 2021
All Metaxy superheroes assemble!
Welcome our valued players/ users/ investors to Metaxy Multiverse!!!
We are more than thrilled to introduce METAXY, a place where you can enjoy an immersive gaming experience and earn massive financial rewards at the same time.
By joining the ultimate Multiverse showdown, you will be absorbed into epic versus-fighting actions with your favorite Metaxy fighters. The greatest superheroes with stunning visuals and transcendent skills will be ready and await your summons to battle. Assemble all the Metaxy fighters and start the fight against the Evil Gods which are soundly taking over the entire Multiverse!
Furthermore, players can be awarded unique items and tokens with verifiable ownership that can then be traded, bought, or sold in the real world. This means not only can players enjoy the addictive gameplay but they can also have various amazing opportunities to increase their income in real-time.
To discover this whole new generation of gaming experiences, please kindly read our Metaxy Whitepaper.
Finally, thank you for being a part of Metaxy community!
Metaxy Team
Last modified 1yr ago