Game Economics

In the first period, every player will be offered 4 characters for free to choose one from them and with that character they can have prior experience of the game. But they can't earn MXY tokens without using NFT characters. They need to buy character NFTs on the secondary market - the Marketplace or open packages in game.
During GamePlay, players will have a chance to receive rewards as Card Equipment NFTs and MXY Tokens.
  • Players can sell these NFTs on the secondary market to new players.
  • Players can use MXY tokens to Swap to Coins (in-game) to upgrade character levels.
  • Players can use MXY tokens to Buy Souls to evolve and upgrade the level of their Characters.
  • Players can use Card Equipment NFTs for their characters to strengthen them.
  • The more powerful characters they have, the more tokens they earn.
  • By owning NFTs, players can take part in the decentralized financial market to earn more profit.
What’s more, players can stake MXY and NFTs on the Marketplace to earn MXY and other rewards!