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Control mechanism

  • Players can control the character to move the full screen with keys on the keyboard or mouse (analog or scroll key on the gamepad). Characters can only move in a predefined space, cannot move forward when touching the boundaries of the arena. The player moves to get close to the opponent or dodge the opponent's attacks.
  • Players use pre-assigned keys on the keyboard or gamepad for skills.
  • Players must skillfully control the character to dodge or block when the opponent attacks to minimize damage, control the attacking character with melee or ranged skills to deal as much damage as possible to the opponent.
  • In addition to normal attacks (melee attacks), all other skills cost a certain amount of mana. The more damage the skill deals, the more mana it will cost. The player will have to hold down the mana regen button to restore mana. The mana regeneration will end when the player regains full mana or does not continue to hold the mana regen button.

Damage calculation mechanism

  • Every time a player hits an opponent with a precise hit (provided the opponent is not in a Block state), it will deal damage to the opponent equal to the player's attack stat multiplied by the multiplier of the damage of the skill just launched.
  • Similar to the case where the player receives an exact hit from the opponent.
  • Players can use blocking to reduce damage dealt. The damage is still there but will be significantly reduced compared to when taking a precise hit without being in a Block state. With each successful block, the player will lose an amount of mana, if there is not enough energy at least to take 1 hit, he will not be able to continue to block.

Win-lose mechanism

The game ends when the player or opponent's HP drops to 0.