This is a tower climbing game mode, endless play, Rogue-like element, using Permadeath mechanism (the mechanism when the player dies, the whole gameplay will return to the starting line). In this mode, the player who dies will have to stop playing this mode for that day. On the next day, the turn is reset; they will continue to play but will have to start over.
Every day players have 1 free play. Every day, in addition to the free play, the player has 2 paid plays with stable coins (BUSD, USDT) or paid in MXY token.
At the stage, there will be a question to receive incentives: + Max HP, HP Recovery, + ATK, + Max Energy. Get 1 free item out of 3 options (see picture below)
The above information is for reference only
Table about Skills can be obtained in this game mode:
The above information is for reference only
Each time they pass 10 levels, they will receive a reward including: Coin (in the game), Soul (Soul), MXY token. The higher a player passes the checkpoint, the more rewards they will receive (More coins, more souls or higher quality souls, and more MXY tokens).
Each time players enter the game, they will be notified of the following information: Battle Field Status: Highest record (highest level they've ever passed), Current Start Gate (level they will start this time if they play now).
Players have 2 options when entering the game:
  • Play now: Players are allowed to play from the highest checkpoint stage they have ever passed), players entering with this option will be calculated to receive all the rewards at low levels. For example: Players enter to play at checkpoint level 30, they will immediately enter level 30 and will definitely receive rewards at level 10 and level 20.
  • Restart: The player is restarted from the first stage. For those who are looking to play to get a better set of support skills to be able to pass higher levels than last time.
Metaxy lets the player choose 1 character to play with. By default, the chosen character for the player is at the highest Battle Power.
*Note: All above data may change before game launching but will be equally matched in terms of upgraded functionality and beneficial use.