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In the game, all characters have a maximum level cap. At max level, the character can no longer be upgraded which is detrimental to the users who want to use that character to reach higher levels in Story mode. To break that maximum level cap, Metaxy provides an evolution system named: Evolve system.
Players will have to use SOUL (in-game item) to evolve. SOUL is an in-game resource used to maximize a character’s stats. SOUL is categorized into 10 different levels, from 1* to 10*.
Each level is equivalent to a specific character’s ranking. To be able to Evolve, your character has to reach the maximum level. Special skills will also be unlocked when the character is “Evolved” for the first time and play greater damage after each evolution.
How to evolve? Use a certain amount of Soul needed to perform evolution. The higher the character’s rank is, the higher quality the Soul must be used to evolve. The higher the rank of the character, the more times (Max Evolve Level) it can evolve. Each character evolution will receive 1 yellow star symbol, when receiving all 5 yellow star symbols, 1 yellow star will be turned into a red star in the next Evolve.
Where to get SOUL? To buy SOUL, users can access the in-game Shop and purchase any number of any level SOUL according to their need.
Also, Users can be able to perform many other actions related to SOUL such as:
  • Merge Soul: Allow the user to create new high-level souls by merging the low-level souls
  • Quick Merge: Allow the user to create multiple new high-level souls by merging all the user’s low-level souls
  • Split Soul: Allow the user to create new 2 low-level souls by splitting the high-level soul
  • Quick Split Soul: Allow the user to multiple create new low-level souls by splitting all the high-level souls