Skill System
Each character will have 6 types of skills: Basic attack (melee skill), Teleport, Quick shot skill, Great skill, Ultimate skill, Special skill.
Skill type
Melee attack
No energy spending.
The player must be close to the opponent to be able to strike accurately.
Quick Shot Skil
10 mana per cast
The damage done is low but easy to hit and the attack speed is extremely fast. Used to kite (hit & run) or break the opponent's ultimate skill. This skill will be upgraded when reaching certain level milestones.
Great Skill
100 mana per cast
Deals massive damage when the opponent is hit. This skill is upgraded when reaching certain level milestones.
Ultimate skill
150 mana per cast
Deal the greatest damage of all skills. This is the skill with the best visuals and effects. Very effective when finishing an opponent that has been knocked down.
This skill is upgraded when reaching certain level milestones.
Special Skill
The strongest skill, which can increase the character's mutant strength in the middle of the match.
Special skills are unlocked when the character is "Evolved" for the first time. Special skills do not lose mana but will only be effective for a short time. This is a skill that can change the game completely.
Special skills are upgraded after each evolution.
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