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The NFT market has strongly exploded recently, first with NFT artwork that used the transparent and secure digital ledger of blockchain to uniquely authenticate one-of-a-kind items. This gives gamers digital ownership and allows them to benefit from their game characters, enabling a new business model for games known as play-to-earn, in which players earn rewards. Capitalizing on that trend, many giants of the gaming world are investing colossal sums in the development of video games based on the blockchain or features of this technology. Taking advantage of this phenomenon, our team decided to develop a blockchain-based game project where players can enjoy playing the game while having numerous chances to earn massive rewards.
Everyone gravitates towards the idea of superheroes. Since childhood, people are fascinated and enamored with the extraordinary power that superheroes can possess and their astonishing adventures full of excitement, entertainment, and wonder. Therefore, everyone has once dreamed of transforming into superheroes to save the Earth or the Universe. Acknowledge the natural insights and having the same interest in the hero genre, Metaxy was created to make that dream come true and allow us to think and imagine all sorts of possibilities. The suspense and excitement, even the romance, fight scenes, and deaths in Metaxy are promised to feed our mind's imagination. Besides, due to the desire to be able to collect the characters that players love, this is a game type that can attract the FAN element, so it is one of the attractive factors to build a long-term user base leading to the increase in profit and investment as a whole.
Combining all of these above motivations, Metaxy was created with an aim to build an integrated digital platform of tokenized characters that appeals to the average consumer as they can participate and enjoy the gameplay and make a profit while actively using Blockchain technology. This is why Metaxy has found a way to combine the blockchain-based gaming world and NFT in a next-generation concept and created a digital platform universe of unique digital creatures.